The powerful heartbeat of your business

Let data insights take you into the ‘blue beyond’

Data is the fuel that runs transformative technologies. The number of data sources is growing at an unprecedented pace, acting as a force multiplier. Today, we have access to internal, syndicated, social, web, mobile, partner, third party, SaaS tools and IoT device data. In addition, rich audio and video is enhancing the mix. With cloud, data volumes managed by organizations will continue to increase, providing precise and timely insights. Technologies like ML, AI, Automation, etc., will be able to deliver highly sophisticated results as they gain access to larger amounts of data.

The challenge is to manage complex data sets and distribute insights in real time to make the organization data driven. Industries are moving towards a state where incoming data will be processed for continuous intelligence, taking data beyond developing products/ service and managing operations. With the arrival of low-latency 5G, data insights will be used to continuously adjust strategic plans, risk assessments and to drive organization-wide change in near run time.

Most of all, we believe that data insights are important for reasons that invariably win our hearts: They makes story telling more interesting, personalized and trustworthy and enable the judicious use of limited resources, promoting sustainability.

Business Intelligence
Understand real performance, tell better stories

Everyone needs Business Intelligence (BI) in the form of data visualization, reports, summaries, maps, charts, dashboards etc. The goal is to make data easy to understand, allowing business analysts, managers, and partners to see the bigger picture, find trends, contradictions and outliers, while drilling down for details to drive decisions and actions.

Our team of BI experts work with your business users to determine their needs, data consumption patterns and evaluate the ROI they can expect from the use of BI systems. These factors guide us in creating solutions that focus on solving business problems and presenting honest representations of performance. We do this with tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Sisense, Tableau Public and Helical Insights.

BI tools are descriptive (as opposed to being predictive and prescriptive) and are critical to the ever day performance of organizations. They provide users with the simple means to support their hunch and experience with real data. Most of all, we think that BI tools allow your users to tell better stories—and that is an important, but often forgotten, goal of every enterprise.

Big Data
Sharpen your data game, play with the big boys

Big Data is only getting bigger! The volume, velocity, variety, variability and value of data is growing. Organizations are quickly discovering that managing data can be expensive – and often without corresponding returns. Today, organizations must find what data is important to them, improve its quality, and set up processes that can quickly leverage this data at optimal cost. This involves a 5-step process: strategy, identifying the right data/ sources, accessing and managing the data, improving it and analyzing it.

Despite the technological advances in Big Data—in-memory databases, Hadoop frameworks, MongoDB, Kafka, edge devices, streaming analytics, etc., —organizations find it difficult to arrive at data architectures and solutions that are right for them. This is where our expertise helps customers move ahead with their Big Data ambitions. We have the application programming, data warehousing, cloud knowledge and problem-solving expertise necessary to design and deploy big data systems.

Data Science
Mobilize your data, win the long-distance race

When the use of data sciences is well planned, organizations extract the maximum ROI from their data by surfacing hidden data, new insights and driving innovation. However, most organizations find it difficult to manage the volume and quality of their data. The solution is to partner data science experts who can address issues around storage, quality, scale, infrastructure and analytical systems.

Our team of data science specialists design strategies, architectures, solutions and roadmaps that go into top quality decision making. They use proven solutions (SQL Consoles, BigML, RStudio, TensorFlow, etc.) to develop advanced methodologies for data management and analysis. They then identify opportunities specific to your business to leverage data augmentation techniques that improve planning and forecasting. After implementation, we transfer the knowledge and learnings to your team, ensuring that your organization can continue to develop the data insights it needs with minimal external intervention.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Go beyond today, conquer tomorrow

Businesses that can predict the future are better placed to win the future. They want to know what is going to happen and how to manage it. This is why predictive and prescriptive analytics are in demand. Predictive and prescriptive analytics help organizations reduce unexpected events and down time by being able to anticipate problems and solve them before they impact operations.

New technology, techniques and models to deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics have become accessible to organizations of all sizes. These can be embedded within processes to drive massive competitive advantage. Our team of data experts use a variety of advanced statistical and techniques to foresee trends and outcomes that affect your organization. Our data mining processes and modeling algorithms help extract hidden insights to provide previously inaccessible productivity, efficiency and competitive gains. And the use of AI and ML tools ensures that your analytical assets continue to improve and provide leading edge performance.